Germany: Spectacular results German communication campaign

פורסם: 19 בספט׳ 2010, 5:06 על ידי: Sustainability Org

Sometimes insolent, sometimes ironic, but also serious and stimulating slogans have been directed at car drivers in four German towns last year, to induce them to start cycling. The results appear to be too good to be true. A quarter says to have changed his behaviour.

The campaign could not easily be ignored, with its car-promotional style – one of the campaign team members used to work for Mercedes – and consisted, among others, of intrusive posters and billboards, but shopping trolleys, bicycle parkings and bridges were also included. And on the road itself large stickers with slogans appeared. All carried the slogan 'Kopf an: Motor aus' (brain on: engine off). The campaign was relatively cheap: the Ministry of the Environment invested some 1.3 million Euro in the towns of Bamberg, Dortmund, Halle and Karlsruhe in 2009. 

The campaign encouraged over 200,000 people in these four towns to change their behaviour, according to a spokesperson for the campaign organiser, fairkehr from Bonn. That would have become clear from a survey among 1200 people. Converting this survey into overall numbers, some 83 percent of the approximately 950,000 people who remember the campaign, have been directly affected. Within some months 26 per cent preferred a bicycle or walked for distances up to 5 kilometres. That means a reduction of 60 million car kilometres, that is 13,650 tonnes of CO2. Calculated over all of Germany that would mean a reduction of 3.8 billion car kilometres , or 1 million tonnes of CO2.