London Mayor's Bicycle-Hire Program Draws 60,000 Members Since July Start

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By Ben Martin - Aug 24, 2010

London Mayor Boris Johnson’s 140 million-pound ($217-million) bicycle-hire venture has accrued almost 60,000 members since it started at the end of July, according to Transport for London.

About 15,000 journeys a day are being made by people who have signed up for the program and 250,000 journeys have been made since it started, TfL said in an e-mail today.

“In the past three weeks we’ve seen the streets of central London transformed, as our bikes become a familiar and immensely popular sight on London’s streets,” Johnson said in the statement. “Nearly 60,000 people have already voted with their pedals,” he said, according to the statement.

At its peak the program will sprinkle the capital with as many as 6,000 bikes across its nine central boroughs and royal parks. Barcelona, Paris and Brussels are among European cities with similar cycle-rental systems.

Source: Bloomberg

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