Looking for a Bike Rack in New York City? Check This Out

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A Google^ Maps With 97% of NYC's Outdoor Bike Racks
The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) has created a page that will be very useful if you are a cyclist in NYC (or if you're thinking about becoming one..). It shows the location of "97% of outdoor bike parking racks" (why not 100%?), and the data is downloadable and free, so that others are encouraged to use it in their applications. The site also allows you to report a missing or damaged rack, and even to request that a new rack be installed somewhere. Read on for more.

There is also information about "sheltered bike parkings" and "indoor bike parkings":

Sheltered Bike Parking In response to the ever growing number of cyclists and to promote cycling as a healthy, environmentally-sustainable form of transportation, DOT in coordination with our Coordinated Street Furniture vendor, Cemusa, is installing Bicycle Parking Structures around the City. 20 have been installed to date out of a total of 36. Each shelter contains stainless steel bike racks for eight bikes. The design closely resembles the award-winning Bus Shelter, using the same high-quality materials. The ad panels are used to display the annual NYC Cycling Map and the "Look" Public Service Campaign or other bicycle promotional materials. These structures do more than just provide parking - they send a message that the City encourages cycling.

Here's the list of indoor bike parking garages:

Manhattan 105 Essex Street (north of Delancey Street) 345 Park Avenue (at 52nd Street) $2.50 a day - privately owned 30 Park Avenue (at 36th Street) $2.50 a day - privately owned 211 E. 71st Street (east of 3rd Avenue) $1.00 a day - privately owned 112 W. 25th Street (at 6th Ave) - privately owned 80 Pine St. $2.50 a day - privately owned

Jerome Avenue at 190th Street
Street Jerome Avenue at Gun Hill Road

Court Square (near Jackson Avenue)
90th Avenue (between Parsons Blvd. and 160th Street) - privately owned
Queens Borough Hall

See a map of current locations.

All that's missing is for NYC to have some bike centers as cool as Chicago's McDonald Bike Center.

For the map and more info, check out: NYC DOT: Bike Parkings

Source: Treehugger

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