Polish Active Mobility Congress

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On 30th September and 1st October 2010 the Gdansk Music Academy was the venue of the First Polish Active Mobility Congress, organised by the Gdansk City Office in cooperation with Pomorskiego Stowarzyszenia Wspólna Europa (PSWE —Pomeranian Association Common Europe), an associate member of the ECF. The programme consisted of a series of films, presentations, speeches and debates, and a cycling tour of the city of Gdansk. The congress also served as the occasion to sign the Charter of Gdansk, which sets out 10 prerequisites for the promotion of active mobility. The Charter, signed by 17 representatives of Polish towns, cities and municipalities and other promoters of active mobility, stresses the need to create an institutional framework for cooperation between people practising various forms of active mobility in urban and rural settings and local, regional and national decision-making bodies.

The main speakers were the Polish Minister for Sports and Tourism, Mr Adam Giersz, the Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodship, Mr Mieczyslaw Struk, the Mayor of the city of Gdansk, Mr Pawel Adamowicz, and the President of the European Cyclists’ Federation, Mr Manfred Neun. The need to promote walking and cycling in the modern urban environment and the benefits of doing so were presented in a key-note speech by the people’s architect, Professor Jan Gehl, of the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. Other speakers included prominent cycling and active mobility experts from England, Germany and Poland.

The congress is expected to serve as the starting point for the Polish Union of Active Mobility (PUMA), which brings together local and regional authorities and organisations which promote cycling, walking, skate-boarding, roller skating and public transport use and are interested in creating innovative, people-oriented land-use, traffic and transport infrastructure management solutions.

Jan Gehl and Manfred Neun signing the Charter of Gdansk
Photo credit: PSWE
PUMA Congress participants during the coastal cycling tour
Photo credit: PSWE

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