Streetfilms on Moving Beyond the Automobile: Bicycling

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by Lloyd Alter, Toronto on 02.22.11

Moving Beyond the Automobile: Biking from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

It is a video that captures much of what we have been saying for years on TreeHugger; that bikes take up less space, use less energy, build healthier citizens and that the key is to give them their space, their place in the City. It's now a national movement, where people are voting with their pedals.

For this video we spent some time with leading thinkers in New York, San Francisco and Portland to discuss the direct relationship between providing safe cycling infrastructure and the number of people biking. The benefits of cycling are simple. Biking helps reduce congestion, air pollution, meet climate action goals and makes for healthier communities.

See The first part of Moving Beyond the Automobile and StreetFilms Visits Boulder's Contraflow Bike Lane for a long list of Streetfilms on Cycling.


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