Ten Reasons Not to Bike To Work. All Debunked.

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The mayor of Copenhagen reckons Biking to Work in that city is as commonplace as brushing one’s teeth. But, as was evidenced by Utah’s plan to make cycling fashionable, much of the rest of the western world is well served by awareness-raising events like Bike to Work week. This week! In the US anyway. (In the UK Bike Week is 13 to 21 June and Australia’s Ride to Work Day is 14 October 2009)

But who needs some arbitrary date to get motiviated, huh? Dust off that racer, tourer, MTB or clunker in the garage, dig out the pant’s clips, or just tuck your duds into your socks and get pedalling.

Because it ain’t that hard. For instance, the League of American Bicyclists report that in 2008 10,352 people tried biking to work for the first time during a Denver, Colorado-sponsored event. And a study of San Diego residents who participated in their Bike to Work Day promotion as first-time commuters found that 25% became regular bike commuters.

And with “more than half the U.S. population lives within five miles of their workplace” it sure sound like a nifty idea, huh. Not withstanding that “over 66% of the adult US popula- tion is overweight and 32% of the US is obese,” which drains the nation health care purse of $68 billion in costs annually.

Now we know you’ve been putting it off for very good reasons. Ten of them, fact, according to the League of American Bicyclists, who have heard them all:

1. I’m out of shape
2. It takes too long
3. It’s too far
4. No bike parking
5. My bike is beat up
6. No showers
7. I have to dress up
8. It’s raining
9. The roads aren’t safe
10. I have to run errands

But they counter right back with three, yep, three methods to overcome each of these procrastinations. That’s 30 reasons why you can Ride To Work. So, be careful downloading the Getting Startedbrochure (PDF) from the League of American Bicyclists, because you’ll soon have no excuses left.

::League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Month

Source: Treehugger