Ten reasons to start cycling

פורסם: 15 במרץ 2010, 5:28 על ידי: Sustainability Org


Cycling to work on a regular basis increases fitness by an average of 13%. Cycling is also a good way to prevent obesity, as it burns fat very efficiently at a relatively low intensity and long duration. These are two of the ten arguments provided by TNO research institute to substantiate the campaign 'Natuurlijk pak ik de fiets' (‘Of course I cycle’) by BOVAG, the organisation of, among others, the bicycle trade.


The aim of the BOVAG campaign is for bicycle shops to promote the positive aspects of cycling, with an emphasis on health, sustainability and exercise. TNO once again listed the well-known arguments, most of these supported by the relevant scientific data. The publication 'Fietsen is groen, gezond en voordelig' (‘Cycling is green, healthy and inexpensive’) states the following ten advantages:

1. Cycling increases fitness
2. Cycling helps maintain a healthy weight
3. Regular cycling provides a sense of wellbeing
4. Cycling decreases the risk of illness and cycling makes you live longer
5. Cycling is easy
6. Increased cycling means healthier air in your environment
7. Cycling is noiseless
8. Cycling increases accessibility over short distances
9. Cycling is inexpensive
10. Increased cycling means less emissions of greenhouse gases
The list is also available at the website www.duurzaamopweg.nl – as well as a promotional video.