Tokyo's High Tech Bike Parking Revisited

פורסם: 16 בינו׳ 2010, 22:03 על ידי: Sustainability Org
by Sami Grover, Carrboro, NC, USA, Published on 01. 1.10

Image credit: Guardian

From solar-powered bike parking pods to this Indian-designed vertical bike tree, TreeHugger is not short on neat concepts for better bike storage. But it was Tokyo's automated bike parking that really got us excited. Now the Guardian has created a short English-language video piece on how the system works.

Unfortunately we can't embed the Guardian video below, so head on over to their website for a full rundown on how the Tokyo bike parking system works. But essentially, bikes are fitted with a small sensor strip, and as the bike is rolled into the machine—it scans the identity and ensures you have a fully paid membership.

Membership, incidentally, costs the equivalent of about 15USD a month. And just check out the speed at which the bike is returned to the user—almost exactly 30 seconds from arrival at the unit and inputting your membership details, your bike is returned and you can pedal away. Impressive stuff.