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Velo-city Global 2010 Conference Highlights
EU Commissioner Hedegaard and Alternative Nobel Peace Prize winner Shiva urge for more cycling

ECF President Manfred Neun, Dr. Vandana Shiva and EU Commissioner Connie
Hedegaard (from left to right) during the press conference after the plenary
session on 23 June 2010 at Velo-city Global 2010

On June 23, the world-renowned Indian environmentalist and philosopher Vandana Shiva and the EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard stepped up to address the topic of "Cycling as Democracy, Freedom and Prosperity".

Ms. Hedegaard, former Danish Minister for Environment and current EU Commissioner for Climate Action, addressed the impact of transport emissions on climate change. She concluded her presentation by saying: "The bicycle has a huge potential for taking over the car trips shorter than 5km and needs to be an integrated part of urban traffic systems. We still have the choice between polluted and noisy or liveable cities."
Ms. Shiva, who was awarded the ‘Right Livelihood Award' - also known as the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize - in 1993, criticised the growing "auto-mobility" trend in Asia generally and in her native India particularly. She concluded with a plea for the bicycle: "A bike spills no resources; it does not steal your land for highways and parking. The bicycle favours the local, starts local economy; there is no distance between people. Therefore, for me the Bicycle is an expression of Freedom and Democracy!"
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Launch of the global ECF Network "Cities for Cyclists"

ECF President Manfred Neun (left), ECF Vice-President Kevin Mayne (right), and
the mayors/city representatives who are the initial members of "Cities for Cyclists"
Photo credit Troels Heien
On June 25, the ECF launched "Cities for Cyclists" as a global network. The Mission Statement of the network was solemnly signed by ECF President Manfred Neun, together with the initial member cities Copenhagen and Frederiksberg (Denmark), Munich and the region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany), Seville (Spain), Izmit and Konya (Turkey) and Gdansk (Poland).
During his inaugural speech Mr. Neun stated: "This is the chance and time to build a global network, to collaborate on a global level and to become stronger together. I hereby invite all cities to join this global network."
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ECF President Manfred Neun officially launched "Scientists for cycling" network

ECF President Manfred Neun (left) with Jörg Schindler (right) signing up for
"Scientists for cycling"
On June 22 ECF President Manfred Neun officially launched the new ECF network "Scientists for cycling". This network aims to unite scientists and professionals active for cycling and/or active cyclists, bringing together valuable insights and knowledge from all sciences that can be important for improving and increasing cycling. He invited interested scientists to solemnly sign the ECF "Scientist for cycling" banner at the ECF Booth. Many scientists followed his invitation afterwards. One of them, Roel Massink from the University of Twente (Netherlands) Cycling Academic Network commented: "It is important to gather and exchange information from different sciences, so that work is not done twice and researchers become aware of opportunities!"
WHO supports ECF "Scientists for Cycling"

"There are many ways the WHO can work together with the S4C, on public health topics like physical activity, the environment, urban planning and more," said
Ms. Liddeke Middelbeek from the World Health Organization (WHO). She was present at the kick-off networking event attended by 100 scientists on the last day of Velo-city in Copenhagen. Middelbeek said "We welcome this network, and look forward to fruitful cooperation."
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EU-funded projects Lifecycle and PRESTO presented their achievements at Velo-city Global

LIFECYCLE's Best Practice Handbook called "A living document"

The "Cooperation for the future session" at Velo-city Global 2010
gathered quite a crowd.

There were 2 full tables of participants to hear the presentation about LIFECYCLE's Best Practice Handbook & Intervention Manual at a Velo-City 2010 Round Table dedicated to the topic.
"This Round Table format lets you talk to an audience who are clearly interested in what you have to say. They have chosen to come hear me explain about LifeCycle and the materials we are offering" says Dr. Randy Rzewnicki, ECF project manager. Over 20 people attended his talk.
"The LifeCycle materials were very well received" he continued. I learned that there was a demand for the kind of high quality examples that we offer. The people who attended described the Best Practice Handbook as a ‘living document'. This is because the information can be updated over time. Each Best Practice case has links to more information on the internet, most at the ELTIS web portal.
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Project PRESTO celebrates its first anniversary with a month full of events

Horst Hahn-Klöckner, ADFC Germany Executive Director (in orange)
and Tim Asperges during the PRESTO presentation at Velo-city Global

ECF's European project PRESTO celebrated its first anniversary with a month of June rich of events. The 2nd on-site training session took place in Grenoble on 9 and 10 of June, registering a success in terms of participation from stakeholders within the Grenoble Alpes Métropole area. Shortly after, the 25 implementation fact sheets were published in different languages on-line and are now available for free download from the project website. Moreover PRESTO was presented at Velo-city Global by Tim Asperges, former programme coordinator of Velo-city 2009 in Brussels. Asperges is a partner in PRESTO. More than 60 participants in a crowded conference room have addressed Asperges with key questions how to implement cycling policies in their cities. Questions such as: "Where can I start from to improve cycling in my city?" "Which are the most suitable cycling infrastructures for my city?" "How can I keep cyclists on their bikes if my city is already a cycling city?" "What is the difference between a bicycle and a pedelec?" can find their answer within the pages of the PRESTO guides and fact sheets which contain the "three levels of cycling" approach for "starter", "climber" and "champion" cities. PRESTO had also a booth in the EXPO area where interested people could meet with ECF PRESTO project manager and further discuss how they could benefit from it.
Training material, guides and fact sheets are available on the project website at


Velo-city Global went onto the streets of Copenhagen for bicycle parade

Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, Mayor of the Technical and Environmental Administration
of Copenhagen, and Manfred Neun, ECF president, lead the parade that livened up
the streets of Copenhagen. Photo credit Troels Heien
A bicycle parade through the Copenhagen city centre capped a successful third day at Velo-city Global. The parade was lead by the Mayor of the Technical and Environmental Administration of the City of Copenhagen, Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, and ECF president Manfred Neun. 2000 cyclists joined the two-hour tour, which included the communities of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen, the co-hosts of Velo-city Global 2010. The parade rolled by Christiansborg Slot, the seat of the Danish Parliament, by the historic Copenhagen city centre, and by the famous Tivoli park before making its way back to the main conference venue. The parade was a colourful and spectacular cavalcade of cyclists coming from all over the world, riding bikes of amazing shapes and functions. A Special sight was the complete "Copenhagen Show Band" carried on rickshaws and cargo-bikes, entertaining the cyclists with music and attracting a lot of interested spectators among the Copenhageners.


Official Handover of the Velo-city conference to Seville

ECF President Manfred Neun hands over the symbolic Velo-city conference bike to
the city of Seville (Spain). Photo credit Troels Heien
The Velo-city Global 2010 conference ended with the symbolic handover of the conference to Seville (Spain). The Mayor of Frederiksberg (host of Velo-city Global 2010 together with the city of Copenhagen), Jørgen Glenthøj, handed the symbolic "Velo-city conference Bike"-trophy back to ECF President Manfred Neun. He thanked the ECF and all the participants for a successful conference and wished all the best to the city of Seville: "I am convinced you will have a terrific conference next year in Seville." Manfred Neun thanked Mayor Glenthøj and the Velo-city Global 2010 team for the outstanding organisation of the first global edition of the ECF Velo-city conference series.