What is a Bicycle Friendly Business?

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A Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) is a corporation, organization, association, government agency, or non-profit that actively promotes bicycling for transportation, recreation, exercise, and sport. A BFB practices social responsibility by weaving bicycling into the business culture and gives employees the opportunity to be active stewards of their personal and environmental health through bicycling.

The Bicycle Friendly Business program evaluates applicants’ efforts to promote bicycling in four primary areas: encouragement, education, engineering, and evaluation. Examples of these measures include:


Safe cycling access; bike racks for employees and guests; showers and lockers for commuters and lunchtime riders.


Bike-safety programs; mentorship for new commuters; and equipment tutorials.


Benefits for bike commuters; paid mileage for trips made by bike; loaner bikes for errands and short trips; and earn-a-bike programs.


An assessment of what’s already being done and what to aim for in the future; in-house bike coordinators; and target ridership numbers. This is also the section to highlight your business’s unique programs and policies that promote and celebrate bicycling—from loaner bikes for short trips and in-house spin classes to supporting charity rides and sponsoring bike-racing teams.

is your business Bicycle Friendly Ready ?

Use the BFB at a Glance Scorecard to find out if your business is ready to apply.


Is Your Business Bicycle Friendly?

Here’s a quick quiz to see if your business is on the right track. If your business scores five points or higher, you should apply! If not, talk to us about how to become a more bicycle friendly business.

Does your business provide secure bike parking? (three points)

Does your business provide showers for employees? (three points)

Does your business offer incentives for employees to commute to work by bike? (four points)

Does your business work with local advocates to improve bicycling conditions for the community? (two points)

Does your business have an action plan to help promote cycling? (two points)

Does your business support a bicycle team/club? (one point)

Source: http://www.bikeleague.org/programs/bicyclefriendlyamerica/bicyclefriendlybusiness/about.php

What makes a Bicycle Friendly Business?
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Business Scorecard, University Scorecard

Community Scorecard
Source: http://www.bikeleague.org/programs/bicyclefriendlyamerica/pdfs/bfa_brochure_2012.pdf

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