Asian Carp Invasion - Battle for the Great Lakes

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Imported from Taiwan and brought to Arkansas as weed control agents three decades ago, Asian carp have become the poster children of potential threats to the Great Lakes. As the fish inch closer to invading Lake Michigan, regional and national politicians debate the financial consequences of coping with the invasive species. With the fate of multi-billion dollar a year industries on the line, the Obama administration has offered some fiscal support to quell the storm.

Meanwhile Michigan's Lt. Gov. has taken his case to the Supreme Court twice, hoping for sweeping action. The conflict ignites deep-rooted water debates, including resource rights, diversion legitimacy, and long-term conservation planning. As action remains slow and debates continue, the invasive species become increasingly more threatening to the region.

A short documentary that describes the threat posed by the Big Head Carp to the Illinois River and the Great Lakes watershed. The Army Corps of Engineers erects an electric barrier to prevent the carp entering the Great Lakes.