When It Comes To Our Carbon Footprint, Only Two Things Really Matter: Buildings and Cars

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Lloyd Alter, December 22, 2011

World Resources Institute/via
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Earlier this year I wrote Seven Lessons From Lawrence Livermore Laboratory's Energy Use Graph, which I thought explained everything one needed to know about our energy supply issues: Conclusion: Our three biggest problems were cars, cars and cars.

Now, via Cleantechnica, another important graph from the World Resources Institute: Where our Greenhouse Emissions come from. It tells a slightly different story: 21.6% of them come from road transportation. Residential and commercial buildings are high, at 15.3% and 12% respectively, totalling more than road transport.

According to this graph, almost 60% of American greenhouse gases come from buildings and getting to those buildings. Making the concrete and steel that is used to build those buildings and highways that connect them is another 10%.

Close to 70% of our greenhouse gas production comes from driving to and from the leaky houses and buildings, while we worry about the carbon footprint of our meat and whether we should fly on a vacation.

Both the Livermore Graph and these show the real truth: Unless we get serious about how we get around, how we plan our cities and towns, and how we build our houses and buildings, we are just kidding ourselves.