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30-31 October 2014


Develop the next promising urban transportation apps using Tel-Aviv Municipality database! It can be any app whether aimed at drivers, pedestrians, or public transportation users. You can also use any other database or information resources. During final demos/pitches on Friday (end of the Hackathon), the top 5 apps will be selected. The winners will be receive prizes and proceed to the finals on December 4th,   part of the Fuel Initiative Summit, with  40,000 NIS to be awarded.


Tel-Aviv has 835 km of roads, with 420 traffic-lighted intersections, 92 pedestrian and car bridges and over 120 km of bicycle paths. Each day 500,000 cars and 1 million people enter the city. During the morning rush hour, 82,000 cars enter the city. More than 390,000 people work in Tel Aviv- Yafo.

Tel Aviv-Yafo is a major transportation hub served by an extensive bus network, with many of the major intercity transportation lines running through the city. Served by a train line with four stations located along Ayalon Highway, it is estimated that over a million people travel by train to Tel Aviv-Yafo every month with 35% of all train trips in Israel  to and from Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Today, non-motorized transport (walking and cycling), is 25% of all city traffic. The goal of the Tel Aviv-Jafo Municipality is to reach 33% of non-motorized transportation by 2025.


The competition takes place within the framework of the  Civitas 2Move2 Conference  focusing on topics that include alternative fuels and clean energy for transportation; urban logistics and distribution; telematic solutions (especially public transport developments based on real-time data), "Life without a car" (non-motorized mobility improvement), and public transport, especially in multi-modal or combining different modes of transport.

Primary objectives of TLV in the field of transport include reducing traffic congestion and damage related effects (less traffic, saving time, and  associated benefits); minimizing casualties and damage due to road accidents; reducing air and noise pollution.

The Tel Aviv-Jafo Municipality is seeking solutions that will reduce the use of private vehicles in the city, especially during weekday peak hours (07: 00-09:30 and 15:30-19:30) and more specifically to reduce single person per vehicle travel.


1st Place*: 20,000 NIS

2nd Place*: 10,000 NIS

3rd Place*: 5,000 NIS

(To be selected December 4th)

The first 5 Places (selected at the Hackathon) will receive:

- Free parking (blue-white) - by Pango!

- 500 NIS in rides - by UBER

- Space in the EcoMotion exhibition, December 2014

IBM prize: iPhone6 for all the team members!

Open to teams that develop using SoftLayer, an IBM company, or IBM Bluemix

Source: app2go.co.il