An Australian Climate Change Protest With a Difference Gives a Bums-Up Salute

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By Jenni Ryall, Australia, September 23, 2014

SYDNEY — This is one way to make an arse out of the government.

This image taken by Cranky Curlew Productions at a beach in Queensland gives a powerful bums-up salute to the Australian government over its climate change stance.

The message from participants was clear: Prime Minister Tony Abbott, you've got your head in the sand.

George Hirst from Cranky Curlew told Mashable is the even hoped to highlight the way our leaders are ignoring a planetary emergency.

"People around the world are realising this more and more every day and yet Australia, in particular, is going totally backwards on this. It's just plain embarrassing and it makes us angry that our government has become so controlled by big coal and carbon polluting businesses," Hirst said. "We want to show them what we think of this stupidity so it's fitting that we 'salute' them with our butts in the air and our heads in the sand."

buried head.

A photograph from the event on a Townsville beach.

Image: Marc Gregory

The event organised by the North Queensland Conservation Council created the #HeadsinSandSalute photograph to pay tribute to the lack of action on climate change by the Australian government. At least 80 people were involved in the different approach on Townsville’s main beach The Strand on Sunday.

"Together we must and we will win this fight to protect our planet, overcome the arrogance and ignorance of our leaders, and leave for our children a world as beautiful as the one that we have been honoured to enjoy," the conservation council wrote on its website.

girl sand

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