Climate Impacts Photos from Around the World Needed

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Have an impressive quality photo of climate change impacts from your area, like the one below? Broadcast it at Ukrainian GPS photo exhibition. Here’s a letter from the team member Liuda:

Dear Global Power Shift participants!

It is fascinating to follow the preparation process of the Phase 2 in each country.

Thank you for all the passion and energy contributed to our common goal!

So happy to feel this connection and be a part of global movement.

Ukrainian team is actively working on phase 2, which will be held this October-November. Our campaign consists of 2 parts: online info campaign and number of events (lectures, workshops, flash mobs, film screenings).

Climate Change impacts Ukraine

Photo: In July this year 122 mm of rain fell in the city of Lutsk, Ukraine in just 6 hours, turning the streets into swimming pools.

In addition, we want to hold a photo exhibition and film screenings.

Therefore, we need photos and videos of climate change impacts from all around the world. We remember Connect the Dots campaign, but we also need photos of very good quality (size not less than 2400 – 4200 px, resolution 300 dpi) permission from the authors and, of course, the story behind the picture (no worries, it can be just two sentences).

So now we desperately need your help! If you or your local group, NGO, social network or media have photos and videos on this topic and you are willing to share them, we would be the happiest climate activists in the world =)

Please send Photos here

Upload videos or send the link here: , .

Thank you very much!

GPS Ukraine

Warm wishes and lots of love from Ukraine!


Liuda and the team