12 Questions Every Climate Activist Hears

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Climate Reality Project


But understanding that our planet is steadily warming – fundamentally changing shorelines, increasing extreme weather strength and frequency, and altering nearly every natural pattern on Earth – is easy.

Yet despite this, as climate activists, we’re often confronted with the same misinformation about climate change that has been disproved time and time again. That’s why we’ve created our e-book, The 12 Questions Every Climate Activist Hears and What to Say, where we detail the most common misconceptions and arguments against the reality of man-made climate change – and simple ways to explain why they’re totally wrong

In this free e-book, we teach you how to answer the most common questions every climate activist hears, including:

  • How do we know it’s because of us, and not a natural cycle or the sun?
  • How can scientists predict climate change if they can’t always predict the weather?
  • What about the “global warming pause”?
  • Is it too late to do anything?
  • How can the Earth be getting warmer if it’s cold out today?
  • And more

As a climate activist, you already know the climate is changing and we need to do something about it. We hope this e-book provides clear answers to these confusing questions. 

Thanks for all that you do to protect our planet, 

- Your friends at Climate Reality