Doubt: How deniers manufacture their own reality

פורסם: 26 בספט׳ 2011, 21:47 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 1 במרץ 2012, 4:58 ]
26/9/2011, ,
What do the ‘debates’ surrounding the health impact of smoking cigarettes and the reality of climate change have in common? In both of these cases, professional deniers have worked to dupe the public into thinking there’s a legitimate scientific debate where none exists. Our video, Doubt, details their efforts to fool the public.

Tobacco companies and think tanks funded by big tobacco disguised the threat of tobacco use in the 1960s. Using an almost identical approach, organized climate deniers have engaged in a long-term campaign to confuse the public about climate science. For both campaigns, doubt is the product.

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