No broken record: Heat may keep Olympians from all-time marks

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07/27/2012 // , Climate Reality Project Staff Counsel

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Everybody seems to love the Olympics. Watching the strongest, fastest, and most dedicated athletes in the world compete for their countries never gets old. And with research on the human body and training techniques constantly advancing, it seems like records are set in every sport every four years.

But this year may be different. After a bizarre rainy start to the summer, London is now battling a heat wave. That’s unwelcome news if you’re competing outside — especially if your event involves, say, running 26.2 miles.

Olympians who will be rowing, running, swimming and biking through London will, it seems, be battling not only each other, but also the mercury. This all comes in the wake of several major sporting events — like the Boston Marathon in April — that have been altered by extreme weather and been made far more difficult for athletes.

We’ve reported over and over on how our changing climate is leading to “dirty weather.” The science is clear: climate change causes more heat, more drought, and more wild storms.

These effects make our everyday lives, and important events, less predictable. It’s a reality that even the best athletes in the world must confront. If our reports on these effects sound like a broken record, we apologize, but it might be one of the few records you hear about over the next few weeks.