Here's What the Earth Will Look Like After All the Ice Melts

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Courtesy of Business Insider.

—By | Sat Sep. 5, 2015

Remember a few years ago when National Geographic came out with a map showing what the world would look like after sea levels rose 216 feet from all the ice melting? Well, it happened. (There was also some pushback that the data was too optimistic) Anyway, the guys over at Business Insider just put together this nifty video exploring our would-be watery world.

It would take a very long time indeed for all the ice on Earth to melt. I don't know how long. But long. Like a thousand years? Point is it's not like this is going to happen on Tuesday or even a thousand Tuesdays from now, but the arc of history is long and our descendants will never "sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings," if there is no longer any ground for them to sit on.

Global warming is bad and every day we don't do anything about it we should feel bad.

Watch video - press here