March 2012: The warmest March in the U.S since 1895

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04/10/2012 , Solutions Associate

In many ways it’s been a beautiful spring, but something about it just hasn’t been right. The cherry blossoms here in D.C. bloomed early, the bright pinks and reds of the azaleas at the Masters were missing, and it seems like allergy season is taking on a whole new meaning. But it wasn’t just missing flowers or my ever-present allergies: This March was the warmest March on record in the United States since 1895. More than 15,000 cities and towns across the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. set high temperature records. That does sound like a lot, but it doesn’t really hit home until you see it on a map. Be sure to check out this great day-to-day visualization of the daily records tied or broken during this not-a-good-record-to-break March.