Senator Bernie Sanders Humiliates Climate Change Deniers

פורסם: 21 באוג׳ 2013, 11:58 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 21 באוג׳ 2013, 12:02 ]
By Diane Sweet, 19 August 2013

Not sure how I missed this as it happened in July, but it's sure worth watching. During what Sen. Bernie Sanders called an "Alice in Wonderland" hearing, Senate environment committee Republicans contradicted or ignored the near-unanimous consensus by climate scientists that global warming is real and man-made.

With Vermont and most of the country in the grip of another summer heat wave, Republicans on the Senate environment committee repeatedly tried to cast doubt on whether climate change is even occurring, let alone what should be done about it. They ignored a NASA report that last month was the second warmest June in recorded history. They ignored a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that 2012 was the hottest year on record in the United States.