Student Final Projects: Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided

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This list was collected and categorised by Sidney Ho and Dr. Mohammod Kabir, students of the course.
Last update: March 9, 2014

List by Subjects (Global)

Followings are student projects (globally) sorted by subjects. Country specific projects are further below but they are not sorted by subjects. These are the final projects of students (all over the world) that took the course "Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided" organised by The World Bank.

  1. What are the causes of Global Warming?
  2. Temperatures are rising.
  3. How hot will it be?
  4. What are the effects of Global Warming?
  5. What are the costs incurred by Global Warming?
  6. A Call for Action.
  • With Climate Change.. by Saagarika Dadu.
    My target audience is people. Especially those, who do not have access to data, literature and debates on climate change. I envisage this campaign to be translated into the local language of the country where it is used, and to be tailored further to that country.
  • Climate Change: A Wicked but Solvable Problem by Leisa Perch
  • What Can We Do? by Ngozi Oguguah
  • Climate Finance as an enabler for Green Energy by Dietram Oppelt (Germany)
    on Rising carbon emissions, the impact of climate change, the impact of fossil fuels, the need to increase renewables and the potential for climate financing through climate bonds
  • Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emission to Agricultural Development by Arega Yirga
    This link points to a Coursera Forum thread.
  • Will Your Food Remain Available & Affordable? by Jonathan Harsch.
    This final project focused on how climate change threatens food security points out that anyone who eats food on a regular basis should be concerned about climate change. The only way to avoid disaster is urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Explaining the serious threats to food production may be an effective way to motivate people and politicians to act.
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List by Countries (or Regions)

Followings are student projects that are specific to a country or a region.

  • Turn down the heat: Why a 4'C wormer world must be avoided by Alba Gamarra.
    To share with the audience a little part of the rich information provided by the World Bank, and to try to make you be part of it; to try to make incidence as soon as possible in order to take care of the house we live at. This presentation also shows how Bolivia is being affected this month by climate change.
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
European Union
  • GHG emissions in Nigeria by different sectors by Justina Okey
    The web page is a picturesque presentation of greenhouse gas emissions in Nigeria by different sectors such as the oil and gas sector, Logging and tree cutting, harvesting of fuel wood for cooking and bush burning. The site also explains consequences of these activities and measures put in place to mitigate against its effects. Charts were also used to showcase Co2 emissions in Nigeria from 1910 to 2010 and per capita Co2 emissions estimates for Nigeria from 1950 to 2010.
  • This article entitled “Your Environment Is Your Life, Keep It Safe” by Chukwuma Okonkwo, is written for the Nigerian audience, but those outside this audience can derive inspiration and apply their lesson(s) from the article to their various economies. The article aims to encourage Nigerians to ignite their consciousness on issues of climate change because any efforts in tackling climate change require their buy-in. However, the article is motivated by the need to intensify public awareness, not just on the threats posed by climate change, but most importantly, on what and how individuals can engage in reducing climate change effects.
St Vincent and the Grenadines
United States

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