What’s the Future Going to be Like???

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by Stephen Danna, 7/5/2014

Could you imagine being able to predict the future? To see the evolution of technologies and their effects on society? Potential cures for cancer and the common cold, or high-speed mass transit systems that quickly move people from point to point? We know the lightning speed by which  technology moves.  Just think how fast music entertainment has changed

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from vinyl records to 8-track players, cassettes, CDs, and now the cloud! What might the new medium be for music in 50 years? And what about television, automobiles, cell phones, energy production,…..???  Very exciting to think what’s possible.

What does the future look like in your mind? How will your envisioned world be different from today’s, and how will you and others realize such a world?  Those are some of the questions the Skoll Foundation’s powerful video, Dare to Imagine, attempts to answer. By asking some of the world’s brightest and most creative minds to envision the future, the Foundation has created a brilliant, beautiful, provocative look at the world of today and the promise for tomorrow.

Some of the key lines and thoughts I pulled include: 1) Problems are interconnected; 2) Big urgent problems require disruptive, audacious thinking; 3) Tap into our empathy; 4) We have More. More than enough is too much; 5) Our greatest problems now are poverty, access to clean water, food, and health care; 6) We’ve changed the chemical composition of the environment; and 7) Frugal engineering happens in the absence of abundance. There’s much, much more in the 8-minute video, and it’s well worth watching for personal insight and inspiration as we look for creative ways to address the ominous climate change forecasts presented in yesterday’s release of the National Climate Assessment.

Got five minutes to take action (see below)?

A 5-Minute Climate Change Mitigation Action Item for the Week: I’ll be honest. This will take more than five minutes, but it’s worth it.  Read the National Climate Assessment report highlights and then Dare to Imagine solutions to the problem. Network and share the information with others.

Dare To Imagine - Skoll World Forum