GoodGuide Launches "Purchase Analyzer" To Help You Buy Better, Save More

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Jaymi Heimbuch, November 15, 2011

GoodGuide/Screen capture

We adore GoodGuide. The online database of product information (that is still rapidly growing) helps people make more environmentally responsible shopping decisions right in the store isles with their iPhone app. Now, the free service is expanding. GoodGuide has launched Purchase Analyzer, which is like "a for online shopping," according to GoodGuide.

The Purchase Analyzer, which is also free, will evaluate your shopping history and recommend safer, healthier, and more environmentally sound products for the type of item you're purchasing. Plus, it can help you find them at better prices. Pulling from your online shopping decisions made all over the web, the Purchase Analyzer will be able to recommend products that are better for you, your family, your wallet, and our world.

Noted in an email from GoodGuide founder Dara O'Rourke, "The free tool makes comparison shopping personal, with the ability for consumers to customize a shopping filter with issues that matter most to them (health issues, climate change, animal rights, etc.). The Purchase Analyzer instantly pulls peoples' shopping history from sites like,,,, etc. and then matches their purchases against their personal preferences. Better products are suggested, as well as retailers offering the lowest price. The dashboard pulls all this information together into one place and tracks future shopping trips to measure improvement, just like a green personal assistant."

Some of the sample filters include Fragrance-free, Climate Change, Animal Welfare and Ingredient Safety -- so you can filter based on your most pressing concerns. If you're primarily worried about the impact a product has on the planet, you can filter by Climate Change, or if you are looking for beauty products that have not been tested on animals, check Animal Welfare. Your products are ranked and alternatives are provided.

The Purchase Analyzer was launched yesterday and you can check it out on GoodGuide's site. We think this could be an incredible way to do your online shopping in a way that makes it even easier to be earth-friendly and healthier.


Source: treehugger

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