Drying Lakes and Rivers

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In a new era of conditions dangerously affected by global warming, the world's waters are rapidly running dry, creating crisis for wild habitats and human civilizations. The following are some of the seas, rivers, lakes, and underground water reserves we have lost or are losing, impacting the livelihoods of hundreds of millions people, animals, farming, lives, electricity, and threatening with CO2 and methane release, exacerbating climate change.

Worlds major rivers drying - one-third are gone or going.
Groundwater wells for 3 billion people are drying up.
Top 10 global river systems drying, ebbing away:

Chinas Salween River, Europes Danube, South Americas la Plata, North American Rio Grande, Indias Ganges, Pakistans Indus, Africas Nile and Lake Victoria, Australias Murray Darling, Southeast Asias Mekong-Lancang, Chinas Yangtze
due to dams, over-extraction, overfishing and climate change.
Major lakes dried up or drying, not including dangerous side effects such as release of CO2, methane, and other gases

The following is a list of some of the most vital and largest bodies of water which are dying or completely gone.

Rivers from Mt. Kenya
Most lakes in Kenya
Africas largest lake, Lake Victoria
Africas 4th largest lake, Lake Chad
Worlds longest, Nile River
Worlds 3rd longest, Niger River
Rivers and streams in Kaoma, Zambia
Tanzanias Lake Natron
Tanzanias Lake Manyara

Great Lakes of USA and Canada: Lakes Michigan-Huron, Superior-St. Clair
Emergency water supply from Great Lakes jeopardized
Arctic ponds on Canadas Ellesmere Island
San Gabriel River, California
Canyon Lake,Texas
10,000 plus lakes in Alaska
Colorado River
Largest US reservoir, Lake Mead
James River, Virginia
Elephant Butte and Caballo Reservoirs
Upper Colorado River Basin
Thurmond Lake, South Carolina
Brule, Popple, Pine and Menominee Rivers, Wisconsin
Lake Mendocino reservoir in northern California
Folsom Lake reservoir, California
Water bodies near Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
Ogallala Aquifer, USA
Mexicos Lerma-Chapala-Santiago River Basin
Rio Grande (Rio Norte) River

Chiles Glacial Lake Tempano
Chiles Cachet Lake
Iguazu Falls, UNESCO heritage site in Argentina and Brazil
Bolivias Lake Poopó
Paraguays River water losses lead to declared emergency state
Perus aquifer drained too fast
Uruguays four main reservoirs critically low

River Greta in Teesdale, UK dried
Britains Mersey and Severn Rivers down
Many rivers, lakes estuaries and aquifers in England and Wales, low
Germanys Elbe River
Germanys Rhine River
Hungarys Lake Balaton (Europes largest freshwater lake)
Cyprus Kourris Reservoir gone, must ship water from Greece
Northern Greeces Lake Koroneia
Over 1,000 large lakes in Siberia, Russia dried up, likely having drained into to permafrost melting beneath
Turkeys 2nd largest lake, Lake Tuz, now a desert
Turkeys lakes and wetlands in Konya Basin dried up
Many of Turkeys large lakes
Turkeys Lake Kozanlı
Turkeys Lake Cavuscu
Turkeys Lake Meke
Turkeys largest, River Kızılırmak

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