Ocean Acidification: The Hidden Cost of Fossil Fuel Pollution

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November 2011, Jeniffer Langston, sightline

Tiny sea butterflies dissolve before researchers' eyes. Baby oysters die by the tankful.  These are just a few of the consequences found when scientists try to raise marine creatures in increasingly corrosive water. And this could easily preview what's in store for the Northwest as carbon dioxide pollution from cars, power plants, and other human sources continues to change the chemistry of our marine waters.

But this story of ocean acidification isn't just about plankton and oysters. Seafood is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the lifeblood of many coastal communities. Increasingly acidic waters put Northwest jobs and communities in jeopardy.

Sightline's newly-released primer explains:
The science of ocean acidification.
What scientists are already seeing in the Northwest.
Potential impacts on species.
Risks for the region's economy.
What we can do to avoid the worst of it.
Full Report - press here
Authored by Sightline researcher and former Seattle P-I reporter Jennifer Langston, this primer weaves together on-the-ground stories with the scientific concepts behind the issue. In taking a look at how ocean acidification may affect one corner of our continent, we're able to more clearly see what's at stake for our future.
Source: sightline

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