EcoSpeed App Directs Your Driving, Cuts Fuel Use by 30%

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Megan Treacy, February 20, 2012

EcoSpeed/Screen capture

A new fuel-efficiency-focused app for iPhone, Android and Windows phones called EcoSpeed claims fuel savings of 30 percent of more with its routing technology that also nudges drivers toward more fuel-sipping behavior as they go.

EcoSpeed factors in traffic stops, speed limits and current traffic conditions to plot the most fuel-efficient route to your destination using Google Maps. Once a driver gets going, the app monitors driving behavior using the phone's GPS and makes fuel-saving suggestions, like making slower accelerations from traffic signals or maintaining certain speeds on the highway.

Users can program in preferences as to whether to prioritize fuel efficiency or speed on any trip. You may want to just get there quickly when you're running late for work, but on those longer road trips, favoring efficiency could make a major impact -- a 30 percent improvement on fuel use adds up to a lot less money spent on gas and a nice slash in emissions.

The app allows users to plug in the current price of gas as well as the fuel economy specifics of their car so that it calculates real-time fuel consumption and cost savings information along the way.

You can currently demo EcoSpeed's routing on its website and developers can access the API for their own websites or mobile apps. The full-fledged app will be available for iPhone and Android phones for free in March, while the Windows phone version is coming soon.