Emissions Analytics

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Who is Emissions Analytics

Emissions Analytics was formed to overcome the challenge of finding accurate fuel consumption and emissions figures for road vehicles.

It is widely recognised that most drivers struggle to get close to the official fuel consumption figures. Furthermore, readings from a car’s onboard computer do not reflect what comes out of the tailpipe. And yet, all fuel reduction and emissions management tools currently on the market are based on manufacturers’ figures or ECU readings.

As well as supplying real-world mpg data, the business has grown to offer testing for the full range of exhaust gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect, reduce air quality and damage human health and the environment. They have also expanded in to Los Angeles, California..

What we do


Emissions Analytics is an independent commercial test house using Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) exclusively and intensively to measure real-world fuel economy and on-road emissions.


Emissions Analytics's data scientists apply advanced mathematical techniques to extract business intelligence from a data inventory of more than 800 passenger car tests. They are unrivalled experts at turning data into knowledge.


Whether it's gaining commercial advantage from the data we hold on your competitors or commissioning us to test your product, Emissions Analytics helps you make sound, data-informed strategic decisions.

What makes us different?

  • Real drive cycles
  • Dynamic performance analysis
  • International testing using common method
  • Real-world results with laboratory equivalent accuracy


Our Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) is the same technology found in a traditional testing laboratory, but packaged for on-board installation.

It measures the gases coming out of the tailpipe as well as recording how and where the vehicle is being driven.

The technology is well established and is used by government test facilities around the world.

The precision and approach to testing is akin to the standards of the laboratory.

The advantages of PEMS include rapid installation, no modification to the vehicle, and true in-use performance data. Combined with our flexible and adaptable approach to testing which allows for alterations to the test plan and repeats of interesting or problematic sections, PEMS testing with Emissions Analytics is the best option.

How we do it

  • Using a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) manufactured by US company Sensors Inc, and the Pegasor Mi2 for particulates, tailpipe emissions are sampled and analysed on the road at the rate of one hertz.

  • Vehicles are taken on a specially developed public highway route, or a test track and driven until a high level of confidence in the data is achieved.
  • Information from the CANBUS, combined with data from our on-board GPS and weather stations build a complete picture of the vehicle's performance
  • Our post-processing and analysis of the data using proprietary software ensures we can compare results between different vehicles and provide valuable insight into the causes of emissions.

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