Why Electric Cars Are Not the Answer

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Sami Grover, February 20, 2012

Fully Charged/Video screen capture

From the Vauxhall Ampera Plug-In Hybrid to an interview with Nissan CEO Calos Ghosn
, comedy legend Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged internet show has brought us many vital dispatches from the front lines of the electric vehicle revolution.

But he is very adamant that electric cars are not the answer. In a teaser video for the 2012 series of Fully Charged (now sponsored, with a camera person and a researcher and everything!) he sets out why we need a more fundamental rethink of mobility, vehicle ownership and, above all, where we get our energy from.

Fully Charged/Video screen capture

Referencing a recent debate he took part in at the Oxford Union in which he successfully defended the motion that the future of transportation is electric, Llewellyn points out that nobody questioned the fact that oil will get increasingly more expensive and harder to come by. Equally, he notes that everybody in the debate accepted that there are too many people on this planet who all want cars, and that the notion of private ownership of vehicles is about as inefficient as you can get—imagine, says Llewellyn, and airplane that sits idle for 90% of its functional life.

So from how we source 100% clean, renewable energy to the massive expansion of car sharing and collaborative consumptionthe answer, but as part of a much broader retooling of our economies and our notions of how we get from A to B. (And how we keep the lights on once we get there.)

It should be a good season.


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