CITYING. Like it! by Anna Ruminska

נשלח 19 בספט׳ 2011, 10:31 על ידי Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 19 בספט׳ 2011, 10:33 ]
nna Ruminska of the EMSA Education Initiative, an organization that promotes non-formal education in architecture, public space, and cultural anthropology writes about the simple act of “CITYING” a playful word that describes our desire to sit in cities. Ruminska promotes the idea that architects should design in a way that enables people to sit and watch other people, including creating designs that allow people to sit on the architecture itself and in more informal ways, without the need for additional city furniture. The article also describes the different groups that tend to use different “seats” available in the city environment, including tourists, older adults, youth, and people of different social status.
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Source: 8-80cities