Make a Place for People

פורסם: 21 באפר׳ 2013, 5:49 על ידי: Sustainability Org   [ עודכן 18 במאי 2013, 12:39 ]
Make a Place for People in Streetsville Main Street Square, Mississauga! 

8-80 Cities is pleased to release its fourth Make a Place for People report as part of a series of 8 public space projects that we are working on across the province of Ontario. The Make a Place for People project is based on the idea that community participation is key to the creation of vibrant and healthy public spaces.  With support from the Ontario Government, 8-80 Cities is facilitating a community-led visioning process in order to inject new life into these currently underperforming public spaces. We were delighted to work with our local partner, the City of Mississauga, on re-imagining this square located at the centre of the historic Streetsville neighbourhood on Main Street between Queen Street and Church Street. The document includes useful engagement and public space assessment tools that could be used in and by any community.

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