The Benefits of Parks: Why America Needs More City Parks and Open Space

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by Paul Sherer of the Trust for Public Land, 24/11/2011
Will Rogers, the President of the Trust for Public Land writes, “The emergence of America as an urban nation was anticipated by Frederick Law Olmsted and other 19th-century park visionaries, who gave us New York’s Central Park, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and similar grand parks in cities across the nation…In the view of these park visionaries, parks were not “amenities.” They were necessities, providing recreation, inspiration, and essential respite from the city’s blare and bustle. And the visionaries were particularly concerned that parks be available to all of a city’s residents-especially those who did not have the resources to escape to the countryside.” Sherer builds on this message and makes a strong case for the benefits of parks, particularly for low income neighbourhoods and recent immigrants who are especially short of park space.
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