Copenhagen Ranked As World's Most Climate-Resilient City

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A couple weeks ago we learned about the most climate resilient cities in the US. Now, Triple Pundit has some global rankings have been released for those cities best working towards using low-carbon energy and avert the worst of climate change through mitigation efforts.

Topping the global list is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Copenhagen--where 40% of its residents bike to work, political commitment to climate and energy issues is strong, and if all goes as planned it will be achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

In second place is Curitiba, Brazil--praised for its world-renowned commitment to sustainable urban revitalization, getting 82% of its electricity from renewable sources, and a long-standing plan for climate change adaptation.

Third place is occupied by Barcelona--which has admirable building ordinances regarding utilization of solar thermal energy, as well as substantial climate adaptation plans.

Stockholm, Vancouver, and Paris occupy fourth through fifth place.

The only US cities making the global top 10 are San Francisco and New York City, in seventh and eighth place respectively--the former was the number one city in the US national rankings, with a relatively aggressive emission reduction target and a high number of green buildings; the latter scored very well in terms of climate change adaptation plans, as well as environmental leadership from the Mayor's office.

Rounding out the top 10: London and Tokyo

For complete descriptions of the rationale for these picks: Triple Pundit

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